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SEOUL … on-jersey/ , Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin urged unconditional resumption of the six-party talks on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, local public broadcaster KBS reported on Tuesday.

"At this point, the most important task is to resume the stalled six-party talks," Putin said in a Nov. 7 interview with the KBS ahead of a visit to Seoul. He will arrive in South Korea on Wednesday to hold talks with his South Korean counterpart Park Geun-hye.

Putin said that if preconditions continue to be presented, the six-party talks will not be resumed, adding that the talks … is-jersey/ , which involve the two Koreas, China, the United States, Russia and Japan, would be the best possible way to solve the DPRK's nuclear issue.

Russia along with China and the DPRK have demanded a rapid resumption of the talks without preconditions, but South Korea … er-jersey/ , the United States and Japan insisted that Pyongyang should first show its sincerity to denuclearize.

The aid-for-denuclearization dialogue has been suspended since late 2008 when the last round of talks was held. The DPRK walked out of the six-party talks in April 2009 in protest against fresh UN sanctions, but it recently expressed wish to return to the negotiating table.

The two Koreas declared in 1991 to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and it was reconfirmed in the Sept. 19, 2005 Joint Statement after the six-party talks.

But Pyongyang launched a long-range rocket in December 2012 and conducted its third nuclear test in February, raising concerns over the effect of the six-way talks.

Cho Tae-yong, South Korean special envoy to the six-party talks … ay-jersey/ , will leave for Beijing on Wednesday to meet with his Chinese counterpart Wu Dawei on the long-stalled dialogue and the DPRK's nuclear program, according to Seoul's Foreign Ministry.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that both Cho and Wu recently visited the United States to talk about the DPRK nuclear issue, saying that those were part of efforts by the two nations to make substantive headway on the issue.

Putin said that Russia supports the reunification of the two Koreas only if the reunification is made through a peaceful process and in each other's interest.

Meanwhile, the Russian leader highly appreciated President Park ' s Eurasia Initiative, an economic project to boost logistics and energy cooperation among Eurasian nations by linking roads and railways from South Korea to the DPRK, China and Russia.

Eurasia is a combined continental landmass of Europe and Asia … ta-jersey/ , The region accounts for around one third of the Earth's total land and more than 70 percent of the world's population.

"I think the Eurasia strategy is a great initiative. It is very similar to the concrete development plan that Russia has prepared over the last few years," Putin said. "The strategy seeking to link Korea's Trans-Korean Railway (TKR) with Russia's Trans- Siberian Railway (TSR) will be a joint project worth notice."

On Sept. 22, Pyongyang and Moscow reopened the 54-kilometer Rajin-Khasan rail track, which links the DPRK's railway to the Russia's TSR.

Regarding the underwater natural gas pipeline between Russia and South Korea, Putin said that pipeline on the ground would be the most ideal, adding that the undersea pipeline can be built only when profitability is guaranteed.

In September last year , Putin agreed with former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to build a 1,100 km gas pipeline linking the two countries through the DPRK. Amid mounting tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the deal was not materialized, but Putin suggested the construction of the underwater pipeline at the APEC summit held two months earlier.

If Seoul and Pyongyang agree on the gas pipeline project, it would make progress rapidly, Putin said.

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