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A while ago I adopted a nine-year-old Queensland Heeler who was clearly down in the dumps. She had spent the last few years left to her own devices in the back yard, excluded from family life in the house, she was only walked occasionally. She was overweight … es-jersey/ , her coat was dull and she seemed older than her years. My heart went out to this girl, especially when I found out in addition to being in bad condition she suffered from acute separation anxiety.

This was a very intelligent dog that needed some life and a sense of purpose breathed back into her, so it became my mission to cheer her up. Hiking became a part of our daily routine, the exercise did us both good. After she relentlessly shoved tennis balls in my lap I discovered she was a ballaholic … es-jersey/ , so then came regular trips to the dog park where I stood endlessly throwing the ball for an exuberant dog! As a herding breed her true calling was to herd cattle, so off we went to herding classes where she got to round up sheep. Now we had a hobby together that we both looked forward to. Within a matter of months this down trodden dog was transformed and I had developed a great bond with her. The years and the weight seemed to melt off her, there was sheen to her coat and a glint in her eyes, her energy was back and so was her confidence!

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