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zach-miller-jersey eeds to be aware ab

Summer is around the corner in North America and for most of us that means either hot and dry or extremely hot and humid. We all think of swimming pools and cold drinks to stay cool. What about our feline friends? To see my Kayco in a pair of swim trunks on a poolside is not going to happen. So how can we as cat owners help to make sure that they stay cool and safe this summer? How can we prevent heat stroke in cats and our pets? The conversation between my cat and I is pretty much one sided. So he isn't going tell me that he is hot and can't take the heat.

Many people take their pets both cats and dogs … er-jersey/ , with them when they leave the house whether on vacation or to the store for a gallon of milk. So we need to be smart and think of the ones we love when doing so. Remember if your car is sitting in the sun how hot it is when you get in. The temperature takes up to twenty minutes with the air conditioning running to cool off and only ten minutes to heat up the temperature of a baking oven when parked. So leaving a cat in a car even with windows cracked down is not even an option. The solution? Either make sure your pet can be with you away from home or leave them at home with plenty of water and or some one who can make sure they will be fed and watered regularly. This is the key to preventing heat stroke in cats.

Consider this, when the heat gets to the point where our air quality is low … ka-jersey/ , it’s a good idea to keep your children and seniors indoors. So if this type of advisory is given to humans, the same suite should be followed with cats. They do not always know where the cool hiding places are outside and they may not even return home to you. So keeping them in can actually keep them alive. We all know how hot asphalt gets in the blazing sun. If your feet can't handle that kind of heat … rt-jersey/ , think of your kitty's sensitive paws and how quickly they could be burned.

Preventing heat stroke in cats is preventable!! To do this, regular grooming and brushing will help keep shed hair off their skin. Not all cats will tolerate a bath , but if yours does, this may be an option to consider as well. If your pet has long hair or is even slightly over weight , keeping either your home or at least a room the cat has full access to, will also help.

Remember beer is for human consumption only. So keep a cool and clean supply of water through out the day for your precious kitty. They would thank you if they could , but since they can't they will rub them selves on your leg. So what are some of the causes of heat stoke in cats and other pets?


1. Being in a hot car. Never leave your pet in a parked car in sunlight. The car heats up to be like a sauna even on mild days.

2. Excessive exercise on a hot day. Minimize exercise in the heat of the day. Avoid exercising your dog in unusually hot or humid conditions especially at the start of summer. Most heat stroke cases are seen at the start of summer.

3. Not enough shade and cold water. Make sure your pet has plenty of shade to escape into during the day. Make sure your pet has plenty of fresh cool water (the water should be placed in the shade) available at all times.

For more information on how to keep your kitty safe and cool as well as what to do if heatstroke is evident go to the article section at Pamper Pet Care on Pets and Heat Stroke and show these little critters how much they mean to you.
Oleg Systems Co. make all types of industrial dust collection systems. Dust collecting equipment is available in numerous designs utilizing a number of principles and featuring wide variation in effectiveness, initial cost … in-jersey/ , operating and maintenance expense, space … an-jersey/ , arrangements and material of construction.

Factors influencing dust collection equipment selection include:

* Concentration and particle size of contaminant.

In most dust conveying systems, usual dust range from 0.1 to 100 micron - a rather wide range of particle sizes.

* Degree of collection required.

Evaluation will consider the need for high efficiency high cost equipment such as electrostatic precipirators; high efficiency moderate cost equipment such as fabric or wet collector units; and the lower cost primary units such as the dry centrifugal group. Degree of dust collection required can depend on plant location; compariosn of quantities of material released to atmoshere with different type of dust collectors; nature of contaminant - its salvage value or its potential as a health hazard … ns-jersey/ , public nuissance or ability to damage property - and the requirements of the local or state air pollution regulations.

* Characteristics of air or gas stream.

High temperature gas streams exceeding 180 F will prevent the use of standard cotton media in fabric collectors; presence of steam or condensation of water vapor will cause packling and plugging of air or dust packages in fabric and dry centrifugal collectors. Chemical composition can attack fabric or metal in dry collectors and cause extremely corrosive conditions when mixed with water in wet type collectors.

* Characteristics of contaminant.

Chemical composition can cause attack on dust collector elements or corrosion in wet type dust collectors. Sticky materials like metallic buffing dust impregnated with buffing compounds can adhere to collector elements plugging dust collector passages. Linty materials such as dust from textile opener, picker and napper will adhere to certain types of collector surfaces or elements. Abrasiveness of many materials in moderate to heavy concentrations such as dust from sand blasting will cause rapid wear particularly on dry type centrifugal collectors. Particles size and shape will rule out certain collector designs. The parashute shape of particles such as "bees. Jerseys Cheap   Jerseys Cheap   Jerseys China   MLB Jerseys Wholesale   NHL Jerseys Cheap   Jerseys Free Shipping   New NBA Jerseys Cheap   Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale   Replica Soccer Jerseys From China   Adidas NHL Jerseys China



2018-03-04 03:57:06



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