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SYDNEY , Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- Australian scientists are catching and tagging tiger sharks in an effort to stop deadly attacks on humans.

Shark researcher Bonnie Holmes from the University of Queensland said the research team was working with non-profit global shark research organization OCEARCH and is using satellite, acoustic and accelerometer tags, and even cameras to track tiger sharks.

The study follows a series of fatal shark attacks in Australian waters, the latest on Monday when a surfer was killed by a 4 meter- long shark.

"We're also collecting genetic information from fin clips and taking blood which can help us look at reproductive systems," she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Monday.

"We can get really long-term data sets now, which we've never had before."

Holmes said tiger sharks migrated up and down the Australian east coast … te-Jersey/ , but researchers knew little about their mating habits.

"To see if they're going to certain areas to breed, which we know very little about," she said. "They're a semi-solitary species -- they don't aggregate like other shark species to undertake these mating events."

Holmes said if researchers could discover why tiger sharks came into inshore waters it could help protect the species and keep people safer.

"We do have shark control programs along the east coast of Australia," she said.

"We hope to provide information to those programs and the general public on when and where is the safest time to swim."

You?ve chartered a boat, gathered you gear and are more than ready for that deep sea fishing adventure. Great! Take along these tips, and you can turn a good fishing trip into a great adventure.

How to Spot the Fish
As you cruise out to deep waters … te-Jersey/ , watch for certain "signs".
? Seagulls swooping small bait-type fish indicates bigger fish are hunting in deeper water and driving the small fish to the surface.
? Check out areas near floating wood or debris. Big game fish often swim there.
? Fish near reefs. Larger fish like to eat the small ones that live there. Some anglers will try to convince you to use live-bait near the reefs, and then head out to deeper waters to catch even bigger fish. This strategy rarely works, however, so stick to the edges of the reefs.

The Right Equipment
The best way to snag a big game fish is with the appropriate gear. Deep sea fishing charter boats usually provide rods, reels, etc … te-Jersey/ , so you don?t have to buy your own. If you want to use your own tackle, then you need to understand what?s appropriate for this sport.

Fishing Rods
To land a big fish, a deep sea fishing rod must be strong and durable enough to withstand the weight, fight and time it takes to haul it into the boat. Graphite rods are a popular choice. They can handle the battle between fish and fisherman, and are relatively light. Being lightweight allows the angler to fight long and hard without tiring as quickly.

Fiberglass is another popular material for rods. They?re less durable than graphite, but offer more flexibility. The rod is going to get bent and twisted during the battle … te-Jersey/ , and fiberglass handles that better than graphite. Many anglers, therefore, prefer a strong, light and flexible fiberglass for deep sea fishing.

The preferred hooks for deep sea fishing are circle hooks, though they don?t look like they could catch a cold, much less a fish. This is because the gap (distance between the point and the shank) is quite small … te-Jersey/ , and the ?business end? points away from the fish.

They do work, though, and the fish helps. After a fish grabs the bait, the hook goes into the stomach but doesn?t grab on. When the fish turns to run away, the hook is pulled out of the stomach and grabs the lip, resulting in more catches and minimal suffering for the fish.

What … te-Jersey/ , Where and How
? Snooks are popular with deep sea fisherman, and can be found swimming near ledges, posts and rocks.
? Stripers love crabs, so fish for them during a full moon when the crabs have just shed their shells. You can also use imitation crabs as bait.
? Yellow fin tuna often hang out with dolphins, so if you see a school of dolphins, get your line ready. It?s a good bet there are a few tuna among the group.

So … te-Jersey/ , what are you waiting for? Head for the deep waters and experience the adventure of a lifetime!

For birding, looking, astronomy, physical activities, and lots of different ambitions, binoculars are a important software. Getting a clear view of whatever outside your range of sight is an colossal talents to people who use it good.

Regrettably … te-Jersey/ , very few humans read any guidelines on their use, assuming that binoculars are so easy to use that they are able to simply figure it out. However when the strain is on, a scarcity of skill along with your binoculars can price you the bird of a lifetime, a massive buck, or a view of a principal play. The tendency is to then blame the binoculars, when in fact most problems stem from the apparatus no longer being used adequately.

Most errors are easy to relief … te-Jersey/ , happily, with an understanding of only some key facets.

Step 1: regulate in your Eyes

every person's eye placement and man or woman eye strength is targeted, so the first step is to make sure your binoculars are hooked up to fit you.

Adjusting for eye width is a straightforward matter. Binoculars all come with one or two hinges within the middle which enable the eyepieces to be squeezed together or unfold aside.

Begin by means of squeezing your birding binoculars collectively all the manner. Together with your eyes up to the eyepieces, slowly start spreading the binoculars open. Stop relocating them inward when which you can conveniently see the two fields o. Soccer Jerseys Wholesale   Nike NBA Jerseys Wholesale   Baseball Jerseys Cheap   Soccer Jerseys Wholesale   MLB Jerseys China   Custom NHL Jerseys Cheap   Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap   Authentic NCAA Jerseys Cheap   NBA Basketball Jerseys Cheap   Authentic Soccer Jerseys Cheap



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