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Unlike traditional televisions, the LCD television display relies on a widescreen aspect ratio of 16: 9. This aspect ratio is a relationship of the width and height of the screen … ts-jersey/ , and the LCD display will appear much longer than it can be high. The 16: 9 aspect ratio is utilized to send HDTV signals, and it is also used in the production of widescreen Dvd videos and VHS videos. The LCD aspect ratio allows owners these TVs to watch movies because they were intended to be seen in the theater.

Excellent Viewing Angle

Compared to help rear projection TVs, LCD television displays supply a 160 degree viewing approach, and they can be viewed at almost any angle … er-jersey/ , horizontally or vertically.

Fantastic Color Accuracy

The best LCD displays can handle producing more than 04 million unique colors, and this incredible depth of color offers exceptional color quality and superior color accuracy.

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Many LCD televisions are made to accept input from a variety of different devices, including computers, DVD players … ms-jersey/ , VCRs, Laser Disc players and naturally satellite and cable TV systems. In addition, multisystem LCD displays are designed to work with a number of different television signals, including PAL … th-jersey/ , NTSC and SECAM. This allows the same television to be used in a variety of different countries, as the television broadcast standards vary with location to location.

Far better Expected Reliability

Tests of LCD and plasma TVs have found that the average life expectancy for such devices are generally approximately 35, 000 hours. That means that in the event the display was used for four hours per day it should last about twenty years.

In order to far better understand these important advantages it is a good idea to understand just how this technology works. The LCD display is made up of a large number associated with picture elements, known in the industry as pixels. The number of pixels is one of the elements that will determine the complete quality of the picture. The number of pixels applied to an LCD display will vary from a huge number to many millions … ne-jersey/ , and the higher may be pixels the better together with sharper the display with the unit should be.

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