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It used to be true that a vacation meant getting away from one's day-to-day surroundings for the promise of leisure and relaxation. While that's still true Cheap Andre Iguodala Jersey , today's travelers expect more from the promise.

For previous generations, leisure and relaxation often meant being idle. When the World War II generation wanted to get away, some could afford to be pampered, but most did not do much more than eat, drink, and be merry. It was a generation that was content to spend a weekend camping at a local lake, gamble in Las Vegas or Lake Tahoe Cheap Nick Young Jersey , or take a cruise in the Caribbean. Leisure activity was to them, essentially, an unheard-of oxymoron.

Not so anymore. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), baby boomers have, in recent years, embraced greater willingness to travel, and have the resources to do it. But while that much is true Cheap David West Jersey , adventure has become a big part of their travel plans.

A recent AARP survey of 1,594 respondents ages 41 to 59 shows that about 55% of boomers consider themselves adventurous, and a whopping 77% feel they are more adventurous than their parents. The survey suggests that huge numbers of seniors are traveling, and that they want to participate in healthy activities when traveling. The baby boomer generation, unlike their parents, is not content to lie around on the beach or get their only exercise playing one-armed bandits.

You can bet that the travel industry is capitalizing on this trend. In fact, a recent relationship between AARP and Travelocity has resulted in Passport Cheap Jordan Bell Jersey , a travel service site aimed at the baby boomer market. There are over 81 million people in the United States 50 or older, which equates to roughly 28% of the U.S. population. It's a segment that controls 67% of the nation's wealth, has more than 750 million dollars in discretionary income, and owns more than 28 trillion dollars in assets. Baby boomers also want to spend that hard-earned money wisely, knowing that self-gratification means eating well, drinking moderately, getting in a good hike or a few good ski runs Cheap JaVale McGee Jersey , and earning a good night's sleep while away from home.

Boomers know how to use the Internet, too, with nearly 40% of them booking their travel on the worldwide web. And, like much of the younger generation, they are looking for ways to streamline their lives, favoring e-commerce sites that allow them to quickly and easily pay for their vacations instantly via credit card, without writing checks or hassling with follow-up phone calls to book tours.

While good diet and exercise is uppermost in the travel plans of baby boomers Cheap Patrick McCaw Jersey , they also want intellectual or cultural stimulation, many having identified community heritage, artisan crafts, local theatre, naturalist-led hikes, and wine education as motivations for booking vacations in a given region.

Today's mature travelers, then Cheap Rick Barry Jersey , are not content to while away their leisure hours idly. They want to learn, feel, see, and do. And they have the desire, tools, and discretionary income to do it.
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Russ Beebe is an experienced wine taster and hiking guide who leads naturalist tours in the California wine country. Discover how you can enjoy the quintessential California experience at californiawinehikes.

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Actressfilmmaker Xu Jinglei on site of her new directorial production “The Missing.”

For many Chinese movie buffs, Xu Jinglei is a charming and sweet actress — full stop. But that’s a decade ago. Although she was hailed for her stunning figure and sweet smile on screen Cheap Chris Mullin Jersey , Xu exoanded her acting career into directing, becoming one of the most successful female filmmakers in China.

Xu was the first female director in China with box-office earnings of more than 100 million yuan (US$15 million), for her 2010 film “Go Lala Go!”

Her directorial debut in 2003, a heartwarming film called “My Father and I” that tackled the delicate relationship between a Chinese father and his daughter, received widespread critical acclaim and won her a Golden Rooster for Best Directing Debut.

Her second directorial work, “Letter From an Unknown Woman,” was a romantic story based on the classic novel of Stefan Zweig that won her the Best New Director Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain in 2004.

Her credits also include “Dreams May Come Cheap Kevin Durant Jersey ,” “Dear Enemy” and “Somewhere Only We Know.”

After two years’ absence, Xu will present her latest production, an action-packed cop thriller entitled “The Missing.” The movie is slated for release on April 1.

Starring mainland actress Bai Baihe, Taiwan singer Stanley Huang and Taiwan actor Ming Dow, the film is Xu’s first attempt at the crime genre.

She says that she was impressed so much by the film’s plot that she decided to make a crime film. It is a challenge for a female director whose former productions delicately talk about romance, family, dreams and career.

“Police film or crime film is not a genre particularly for male filmmakers Cheap Stephen Curry Jersey ,” she notes. “I am always ready to make new attempts in my life.

“I don’t really like to be restricted to my past and thoughts. New things and new challenges can bring me passion.”

The film tells the story of the mysterious case of a policewoman’s missing daughter. But the main suspect suffers memory loss after a car accident. Both he and the policewoman want to find out the truth.

Scenes of action, gun fights and violence feature in the movie. Xu’s female perspective is expected to give a sophisticated depiction of the characters’ complicated relationship.

She also co-stars with Huang Bo and Duan Yihong in Taiwan director Leste Chen’s fantasy film “Battle of Memories.” The film will be released around May.

Xu will produce an alien-themed online comedy series based on the popular online novel “My 20.



2018-04-26 08:37:07



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